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tv   Washington Journal News Headlines and Viewer Calls  CSPAN  August 25, 2017 7:00am-8:07am EDT

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talks aboutolson u.s. policy toward venezuela and the current political situation in that latin american country. ♪ host: good morning. texas prepares for a category two hurricane, trump tweeting the department of homeland security and fema are standing by, prepared to help as the texas gulf coast this weekend. expect a political storm when congress returns next month. the budget, raising the debt ceiling, and debate over funding for the wall along the u.s.-mexico border. debaten with another
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moving from the playing field to the political arena. a decision by 12 cleveland brown players kneeling in a circle, refusing to stand for the national anthem, bringing the anthem to the forefront -- bringing that issue to the forefront. motivated by what he viewed as the oppression of people of color. we want to get your calls and comments. the issue of free speech. our phone lines are open. republicans, (202) 748-8001. democrats, (202) 748-8000. independents, (202) 748-8002. join us on social media, including facebook. send us a tweet, @cspanwj. thank you for being with us. we want to begin with the issue of sports, the nfl and the
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political debate. the nfl of one of players defending the decision by the cleveland brown's. kaepernick choosing not to chooseorces people sides. the pro and con sides of the debate were on full display. wife ofes she is the --. she is detailing the thoughts on her husband being the first white player to kneel during the national anthem. she did not know her husband was going to join the protest and she issued the following statement. i am grateful for the support and phrase -- support and praise
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seth is getting, but a black man literally lost his job or taking a knee week after week on his own. colin kaepernick took a step and began a movement through the nfl and he suffered a ridiculous amount of hate and lost his life game that he the loves. earliertator appeared on -- appeared earlier, tucker carlson. [video clip] >> if you want to adjust -- to address any quality, protesting the national anthem is the perfect way for your message to get lost. , if youf these players are a starting nfl quarterback, you have a platform to go on any
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tv or radio show you want and you can legitimately voice your complaint. during theest national anthem, there are going to be a massive amount of people who never hear a word you say, will not understand your message. you cannot tell me there are not nfl players who recognize the stupidity of the style of protest that calling or neck has chosen, but they are all afraid .o say it the backlash comes from. people are afraid to voice that. host: we will go to baz, joining us from houston, texas.
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caller: i would like to refocus the situation to the high school level. out at robert e. lee in the 90's. he was the only white boy. the black children stood up for him. the daughters of the republic dropped him, did not do anything. they renamed the school just lee high school. i don't see it in the constitution where you have to salute flags. high school kids don't have a platform if they tried to protest. the people who have a platform speak for them and guide them through it. the race things will have to wind down through the young people.
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starte young people unwinding this. host: focusing how kids sports turn pro. a look at young athletes and how they are being trained and how much money is being spent to prepare them for the big leagues. youhe nfl doesn't mind if are a criminal, but don't you dare have a conscience. caller: we were in a poor neighborhood in orlando. coming up, iy was thought i should buy a flag. it was an eye-opener living in that neighborhood. driving get stopped down the road because it was a black guy and a white guy in
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this poor neighborhood. they figured we were drug dealers, you were judged automatically. why peoplestand would be upset. i learned a lot of disrespect for the sheriffs department living in that neighborhood because they were capricious in their actions. if people want to protest, they are entitled to do so. it is called free speech. kaepernick looking back at a year of vein national anthem -- a year of the national and some controversy. anthem controversy. heler: i thought you said lost his life, but i guess he .ust lost his job he's got other people doing it and if they lose their jobs,
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that is there problem. life's workt his for the sport he loves. i do it. i think other people do it. if he doesn't want to do it, he's lost his job. cindy, ofill talk to the washington post, in just a moment. caller: good morning. how are you? host: i'm fine. how are you? caller: i'm doing good. i am a black man and a vietnam veteran. the biggest protest calling cap or nick could give, -- the biggest protest calling cap her olin kappernick can
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give, he should take half the money and give it to the black colleges. black players0 off of the national football league and make them donate $10 million apiece. blackve that money to the colleges and you will have them up and running in one year. you for the call. this is among the headlines. the national anthem protest, along with support for colin kaepernick ads in tension -- intensity to the opener coming up next month. joining us now, cindy boren.
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thank you for being with us. thank you for being with us. where did this debate begin and why now? guest: it began quietly a year ago. colin kaepernick had been sitting quietly on the bench. no one noticed. he was coming off of some injuries. he had not fully recovered. he was sitting on the bench. no one paid much attention. all of a sudden, people noticed it. they asked him about it and it became a full-blown thing. you will recall in the season , there were people, players who said what are we going to do. they were careful to point out the protest was about social brutality,nd police not anything having to do with the military. and theople took a knee seattle seahawks joined. clearade their intent
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about thewas military. cap or neck had a so-so season. he was a free agent in the spring. no one signed him. quarterbacks have gotten injured right and left and no one has picked him up. host: is that the reason he has not been picked up or is it a political statement by the owners of the nfl? yout: the owners will tell their fan base would not stand for it. one had gotten an incredible amount of feedback saying they did not want colin kaepernick around. the baltimore ravens quarterback was injured right as training camp began and there was talk that they would bring cap or neck -- they would bring colin
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kaepernick in and they backed off. are coached by a guy who faced the 49ers in the super bowl. his brother was the coach. both of the brothers has been a vocal about saying he can play and win games in the nfl, he should get a chance. he did not get one in baltimore. that hass are a team ray rice and ray lewis on the. ray rice and ray lewis on the roster. when you see in jacksonville, the quarterback is starting, blake board owes, mike in chicago got a big contract. the ravens signed a couple of preseasonll in during
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that you have never heard of. no one is giving him a chance and there is a question about what is going on here. host: let's turn to the political debate in suing with this. we are hearing from viewers and listeners. this is a statement from the interim head of the naacp. last season, colin kaepernick protested the inequitable treatment of people of color in america by quietly taking a knee during the national anthem. he was able to shine a light on the injustices, particularly the occurrences ofe police misconduct toward communities of color. this iscoming apparent no sheer coincidence -- no player should the discriminated
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against because of his exercise of free speech. on monday, we saw 12 players, including one white player also kneeling during the national anthem. is going to be interesting when the season or opener arrives. standingwhite players next to their teammates who are an arm onnd putting them, a hand on their shoulder. chris long of the philadelphia eagles was one of the first to do that. browns the cleveland player kneeling with his teammates on monday. a sort of solidarity being shown here and and awarenessin -- and an in the wake of charlottesville.
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this is bigger than colin kaepernick. thecommissioner meets with naacp. it remains to be seen. look outd to do was his window on park avenue in the middle of the week when there was a protest. thele were marching outside offices. clearly this is not going to go away. host: let's talk about money . any impact this could have on the upcoming season? so.t: i don't think of emails from people who say i have had it, the protest turns me off. about then surprised comments i have seen about that. year, the ratings were down the first part of the season and there was a lot of's regulation it was about -- there was a lot
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of speculation it was about the protesters. let's see what happens this year, if there are protest at the games, will people be turning off? they may well. covers sportsren for the washington post. thank you. tweetset to some of your . we are getting a lot. here is a sample of what you are thinking. edward says even the burning of the flag is protected under free speech. colin is being blackballed. the nfl and tv networks don't show the national anthem any longer. they are in commercial because it is money over country.
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keep the nfl and politics separate. this administration is trying to stifle free speech. watch a political statement, i will watch the news. nfl does nothe mind if you are a convicted criminal, but don't you dare have a conscience. countrymy issue is this was established on the first right of protest. american colonists were protesting taxes, not british brutality or death. they were protesting taxes. colin kaepernick cannot even neil. -- cannot even kneel. when it comes to the confederate not disrespectful.
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it is their heritage, people state their to views. i have a problem with people who say colin kaepernick cannot kneel, but they can fly the confederate flag. during the anthem has not killed anybody. that is my comments. colin kaepernick lost his job because he was a lousy player last year. police rally in support of kaepernick. caller: good morning. thanks for c-span. right topernick has a protest in any way that is not hurting anyone.
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as an african-american, i struggle with -- i love this country, the country is good, but the country has done some things not great towards african-americans. i think back to the 1960 oh olympics where the runners where -- where the runners were raising their fists. this is wheremes there is a problem. i appreciate we are talking about it. , he has toaepernick understand, when you take a stand for something, there is a cost to it. unfortunately, they are not hiring him. whenever you take a stand, there will always be backlash. host: you support his decision to kneel?
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caller: absolutely. host: let's go to henry, independent line. happy to be on this morning. i respect colin kaepernick. if you don't stand for something, you will fall for anything. get to a venuen someone will help me get back up because i have had a little knee replacement due to a dunk -- due to a drunk driver. and i look forward to somebody helping me up. if we don't stand for something, we fall for anything. let's stop doing things we would not want to be done to ourselves. let's have free speech.
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host: the same people who support donald trump and racist civil war monuments are a 10 -- kaepernick. # another says he has the right to do what he wants, but he has to be prepared for the consequences. alex, and joining us in maryland. republican line. as a member of the armed forces, i do not feel he has offended me in any way. to do it.right if you wear a uniform, you have rules. you do salute, you put your hand over your heart. as a civilian, it is a show of solidarity, but it is your choice very it if he decides to
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do that, that is what he should do. the reason, now that this has blown over so much, his stats have gone downhill. would of the bad press he bring to the team, that may be why some coaches are saying no. the bigger reason is his stats are going down. lasts had terrible results year. that is what people are overlooking. the media likes to blow it up. it is his choice if he wants to do it or not. other players have to live with the consequences of showing what they want to stand up for. that,eople want to praise some people want to be totally against it. that is their right. democrats line, good
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morning. caller: good morning. is ais happening here, it by takingtrol people their incomes of way from them. the right to express your political opinions is an individual right. he took advantage of the situation he was in to express his opinion. by athe people being shot
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policeman and then set free when .hey go to a jury trial the other aspect of it is the financial. to take the ability of these people to earn a living away whatthem reminds me of reagan did to the unions when tried to better themselves. they lost their income. host: thanks for the call. scaramucci,is not bannon. helen -- the right , go protestn public
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at the public library. is can protest at the university of virginia, colin kaepernick can take any during the anthem. there is a statute that says you are not allowed to travel and burn the american flag. law they are not enforcing. second of all, colin kaepernick ain't no good. military.ects our and come back over here then they have to sit here and look at some guy spitting on the flag and stuff.
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i have not watched a game since they started this. until they quit it, i will not watch another nfl game. host: thank you for the call. if you have ever been to new york, you have likely crossed thetappan zee bridge over hudson. a new bridge at a cost of $4 million is about to be unveiled in a ceremony led by andrew cuomo. amidst its rage. the 10 sailors who were killed. one body was confirmed found as the recovery operation was put to a halt. on boards were killed the uss john s. mccain. we will go to kathy in elizabeth, west virginia.
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caller: good morning. kneelinggree with him because of professionals. what they do with their private the outside of representing professional team is a different story. i appalled at the cleveland team . it is not like our team has done anything in the last few years anyway. i have not attended a game and i used to go to many at the stadium and i refuse to watch any nfl games whatsoever. up, i watched lebron james play when he was a teenager. if they speak out against the president, i will not watch the cleveland cavaliers, either.
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my husband served in vietnam and i feel our flag is more important than any professional that wants to stand up on national tv. he has time when he is not on the clock and that is when he should decide what he wants to say. this is starting to get britain. in great the first white nfl player kneels during the national anthem. this is the picture from that preseason game on monday. the executive director was interviewed on sports illustrated. he talked about the situation with colin kaepernick. [video clip] >> we are a country built on individual people making
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individual stands. i might disagree about how he did it or you might disagree about how he did it. you may not agree with why he did it. man, african-american whose dad was a member of the march on washington, while my mother was pregnant with me, how could i possibly be in a position to denigrate or choosingwith a person to use a protest to shine light on something they thought was wrong in society. host: we are getting your calls and now thepernick decision by 12 players to kneel rather than stand for the national anthem.
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one way to punish dissent is by taking their income. it happens with unions. crystal, good morning. i have never been into sports. i agree with them 100%. i don't know anything about these players. jersey in the store the other day and i purchased it to give to my grandchildren. who wase fighting over going to hang it on their wall. i was proud they knew about him. these are kids that are nine and 11 years old. what he stood for, what it was about, and they loved him. is against theo
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president. if someone wants to do something and they believe in it, you stand up for what is right. right,believe that is you stand up. do what is right. is why my grandchildren love him and remember him. do you think he is being blackballed because of his political stand or du think it is a question of his -- or do you think it is a question of his ability on the gridiron? caller: i think he is being blackballed. i work with children. they put their heart over there -- they put their hands over their heart to sing the national anthem. i do not put my hand over my heart. do i love this country, yes. hand over my heart? no, that is my personal choice. equals, i treat us as
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am not going to do it. it doesn't mean i hate anyone. him for that. if he plays with any team, i will be watching him. appreciate everything he has done. the story is forcing and a nflers to forcing choose sides. some of these tweets, if you don't stand for something, you will fall for anything. there is this, the nfl is a tax-exempt organization. why even play the national anthem? lin is protesting the way black people are being treated the nation over. it is an epidemic. john, orlando, florida good
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morning. i would like to say i have been watching the news. i love you guys. i love this show, i love the format. everybody is too polarized in this country. withally, it started virginia a couple weeks ago. i am not a white supremacist. i don't support those people, but they have a right. colin kaepernick has a right to do what he does. it is free speech. you cannot have it both ways. henry, michigan, good morning. you are next. democrats line. like to focusd everyone's attention on one of the founding documents of this
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country, the declaration of independence. words ofget past the life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, the declaration says any people who feel they have a government that does not support their lives, their right to happiness, their right to security, then they have a duty to throw off that government. a higher jammed one to read that. has a right tok protest and should not have his rights taken away from him to earn a living because of it. is the american flag even made in this country anymore? i doubt it. we have a white supremacist president. black people have always been treated harshly in this country. now, because they want to kene protest, they have
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their rights taken away. we have treasonous white supremacists who fly a treasonous flag, that would not be tolerated on any other country on the earth. brady's of the league have the spine to speak up, owners will face reality. let me go back to this post that a quote from the wife of the cleveland brown's tight end. decision tonick's not stand continue to force people to choose sides. pro and con sides of the debate were on full display. valve published an article on her thoughts of
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her husband being the first during ther to kneel national anthem. prose --ot know her her husband was going to join the protest. she said i am grateful for the support and praise seth is getting for his actions, that a humble room mind or, a black man literally lost his job for taking a knee, week after week on his own. colin kaepernick bravely took a began a movement through the nfl and ultimately lost his life's work in the sport he loves. julian, chicago, independent line. caller: i would like to ask the question -- why does he still want to be part of this racist sport?
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your problem is with racism, they are showing you discrimination and you continue to beg to be part of it. i don't get it. -- whyeople in general are we continuing to beg to be part of this society? we protest, we are passive, we do things that are not going to affect any change, like this. kids are going to school hungry. where are we at? we are on the phone talking about something that will not affect change. when we talked to cindy boren of the washington post, she talked about issues going on headquarters, 's fraternityick brothers showing up into rose to
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protest. claxton, georgia, welcome to the conversation. you are on the air. i want to comment on colin kaepernick. host: go ahead. opinion, if there is comes up and starts paying him or any other player on any other nfl team, i hope they never win another game this year. sheila, carrollton, georgia. good morning. caller: good morning. how are you? host: we are fine. how are you? caller: i am still breathing. this is ridiculous. we have a racist in the white and that man should be
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allowed to take his knee and not pledge of allegiance if he doesn't want to. host: thank you for the call. 's blacklistnick realhurting the nfl's priority -- its bottom line. they foster a monoculture that shames dissenters into silence. the issue with colin kaepernick is not about belief, but conformity to its culture. beliefn't care what his or causes. they care that he is a disruptor who refuses to play the stock character role assigned to him and might threaten the bottom line. you can read the entire story at
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we go to our caller from ithaca. an excellent discussion. a great deal of gratitude. to read two sentences. maybe you can pull it up on the screen. american constitutional society -- it is no right which the white man was bound to respect. it is on the 150th anniversary of the dred scott decision. , no rights which the white man was bound to respect. , he quotesuson justice tainting -- justice tanney. parentheses, this is
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how it reads -- african-americans had, for more than a century before, been regarded as being of an inferior order and altogether unfit to associate with the white race, either in social or political relations. so far inferior they had no right which the white man was bound to respect. the negro might justly and unlawfully be reduced to slavery for his benefit. he was bought and sold and treated as an ordinary article of merchandise whenever a profit could the made by it. i call in and join the --cussion in the spirit of who said those who fail to remember history are doomed to repeat it. is equal in our
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day, like the lady talked about the five-year-old and nine-year-old putting up the jersey as muhammad ali. moraltaught contemporary questions. we saw a picture of auschwitz. and pictures of that. we talked about -- being raped and killed. on lookers did not even call the cops. injustice, we had to do something about it. -- that our conscience came before god. not mayor, police chief, not even mother or father. if our parents told us to do something wrong, we were supposed to try to correct it.
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i have been working for a solution. what we need, while we still have a constitution that lists black people as 3/5 of a person. when we have this language ingrained in our social i have racist relatives. italian racist relatives. white is a construct. it is not the enlightenment we know of, liberty, equality, and of what was the tom us of our revolution and the french revolution. white does not exist. it is a social construct. in 1619, when the first africans were taken from another ship and stolen and brought to jamestown, by 1659, there were more
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indentured servants as they were considered with the irish and others, they were seen as a threat. the owners making people property thought there could ea that is when we initiated -- they thought there would be a revolt and that is when they initiated the full dichotomy of black and white. stop youm going to there. you are always thankful and gracious to the people behind the scenes. you are one of our regular viewers and we appreciate that. caller: thank you. tweeterchael, a regular has this point -- and there is this, trying to
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understand how kneeling is worse than waving your stars and bars that conveys your loyalty to another sovereign. you don't know me, but i know you. i have watched and admired you for years. you have provided consistent entertainment, allowing me to distract myself from problems big ends mall. cannotfor my team that win the elusive super bowl. i have been able to admire your talents. conflicted, disappointed that we wonder if we should continue to support you or the nfl. has causedkaepernick me to look at you in different light. i look at you as leaders on and off the field and it turns out i was wrong. sean, carrie, ohio, republican
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line. welcome to the conversation. it is important to employee, itrivate is not a constitutional free-speech issue, but there is a larger issue of asus heidi valuing free-speech and diversity of opinions. whether or not colin kaepernick should stand on not, i am concerned about that. my bigger concern is so many people demand in he be fired because he has an opinion they disagree with. it shows itself in other areas, as well. there is a christian soccer player who had to resign because he does not support same-sex marriage and the team was going to be supporting that.
7:47 am
whereve had situations people have been demanding a flower maker in washington, she lose her livelihood because she won't participate in same-sex marriage and make flowers for that. .t is not just colin kaepernick it is a broad, societal issue where people are demanding don't disagree with lose their livelihood. it is a bad thing for the diversity of our country and the culture of free speech. we need to step back and understand we learn more when we listen to each other. if a person is not directly hurting someone or using violence, we should allow them to speak. meet inmbers of the fed jackson hole, wyoming.
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they are looking at the future of janet yellen with speculation she will not be reappointed when her term expires, the may betion is gary cohen next in line. last week, we talked about federal lands, including bears ears in utah. a heated debate over the battle interior lands as the secretary makes recommendations, including scaling back some areas designated as national monuments. let's go back to your phone calls. ryan, illinois, democrats line. nfl players,er free speech, and the national anthem. what is your take? caller: i wanted to say, i am a veteran. installation, at
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about 5:30, there is a retreat and to the colors. most soldiers do not have to stand at attention if they are in a building. you see a lot of soldiers after formation, just before retreat to the colors, they bee line for any building they can make it into so they don't have to be out there saluting and standing at attention. i bring this up because a lot of callers are saying colin doingnick should not be this because it is disrespectful to the military, but i can say as a former soldier, i am proud of him. what he is doing is right. no one should infringe on his right to free speech and use the military as an excuse. speechhe president upon -- the road ahead to afghanistan
7:50 am
includes an additional nearly 4000 troops. a look at the war, calling it america's longest war. back to your tweets on the issue of colin kaepernick. lizzie -- i don't follow football. his bedepernick made and he can lie in it. bad choices have bad consequences. james, the nfl is on its last leg, not because of colin kaepernick, but because of lawyers and concussions. dan, massachusetts, independent line. caller: thank you for having me on. ohio just made some great points. over the years, watching the
7:51 am
nfl, i see so many similarities between our own political system and the nfl. happen, yougs that wonder why a gets called a , you know,, and things happen that are unbelievable. they go on. doing, he is brave. most people i meet seem to be paycheck. by their they don't want to rock the boat. if they are making enough money, they are paid to look the other way. why drill deep into things that happen? i am with colin. i think we should all question what is going on. our government has been treating
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human beings, in general, in a negative way, being misleading. now, empowering the press to lie to us directly. here toto take a knee question what is going on. host: thanks. we have been looking at the scenes outside the nfl had orders. epernick, we- ka kneel with you. protested, head would have been lauded by millions. he is a white man. blackstone have the same rights, do they? mitch mcconnell and paul ryan distancing themselves from the gop, setting the stage for a debate on raising the debt limit. we will talk about the politics
7:53 am
behind this. omar is joining us in los angeles, democrats line, on the issue of the nfl, the national anthem, kneeling, and free speech. caller: good morning. thank you for taking my call. the: go ahead, and turn volume down. we are getting an echo. good morning. thank you for having my call this morning. comment, one of your previous callers you had on earlier -- he made a statement that what colin kaepernick is doing, he tried to make a a demonstration where one person lost their life.
7:54 am
defending the right that everybody wants when they come to this country. .e are a melting pot country there is no comparison with what went on over there and what colin kaepernick is doing. is --demonstrating there -- we had a black president and still we are going why?gh these problems, we are equal. we are all created by god. when you look at the justice system, where black folks go to jail for longer time for a small possession of drugs and white folks go for limited amount of time. this disparity has to stop. i believe what colin kaepernick
7:55 am
is doing is right and he is doing it in a right way, peacefully. david has a different point of view. he says -- to me, the national anthem is about the people, mostly military, who have sacrificed for our country. we all owe them our respect. tries presidential before reverting to old habits. a look at the rally in phoenix, arizona. john, gainesville, florida. your view. caller: i support colin kaepernick's decision. have the right to watch it or not, which does affect the nfl's bottom line. he does play at their pleasure. that will rub some people the wrong way.
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at the end of the day, if someone is not producing ,umbers, exhibiting behaviors that people have committed crimes and continue to play, it comes down to performance and money. is denying colin to protest. right they are conflating his protest of what he considers a racial discrimination, or persecution of black people, but they are conflating that with he is being discriminated against, but he is not. he has that right, but he has to suffer the consequences. we talked about this last week with tom price. all counties in the u.s. will have the obamacare option in 2018.
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nearly half will have only one choice. our conversation this week, our profile series continues with sonny perdue. tonight at 8:00 eastern. you can check out all of the interviews and our programming online any time at buffalo, new york, republican line. go ahead. pller: back in the 1980's, told his guys, if you are going to come in or out of the arena in your car, if you are going to get on a bus or plane with the team, he wanted people to wear a coat and a tie. he said you are professionals and role models. wheres the issue here, colin kaepernick has a right to
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protest on his own time. draw a boundary around his personal life and his professional life. you don't work that many hours in uniform for the nfl. you for the call. gary, north carolina. good morning. a long timelled in ago. had the c-span prejudice caller, the one that went viral. i want to thank c-span for the attention it gives people. i have changed a lot in the last year. host: we do remember your phone call and the conversation that ensued. what changed your views? how so? involved with an organization and we became friends.
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one of the things that changed my views was communication. it is very hard to have people ofion with other colors. either we don't have the opportunities to do it, we don't know what to say because we are afraid of being offensive to them. we are afraid of the repercussions that might result if we come out and honestly say what is on our minds. they are quite offended population right now. host: you met with heather mcghee, did you not? caller: yes. she is visiting here now. she is doing some book, or something. she likes asheville,
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north carolina so much she came down with her husband. i just saw her the other day. we have contact on the phone. we talk issues. we are like personal friends. thatr: that began -- host: began based on your phone call to this program about a year ago. differenthave been on programs since then. i was in new york city, on c-span, i was on tv with dan jones. our c-span conversation went viral. and i did ais issue lot of research on black history . there are so many things i did not that i didn't know. that i thought i knew. i depended on media for my information. i looked at television shows
8:01 am
like cops and gangland and these programs that portray minorities in the negative way. the opportunity to come from a diverse area. i live in the rural south. a lot of these people that are protesting, they have the luxury of having different neighbors and diverse communities. they learn from being close and having communication. there are a lot of people in america that don't have that opportunity. let me jump in on the colin kaepernick issue. the you think he has the right to neil? -- to kneel? is it a good decision or bad decision? toler: he has the right kneel. this is america.
8:02 am
i hate to think we are stopping people from saying what they feel. that is an important part about how america got started. it is very important. say you are a police night and you are trying to rescue a hostage. you want to get the bad guy in the crosshairs. shotgun anding a spray the whole area. the good people, the people that are trying to help him, the people that are supporting him, that like the american flag, that believe in the words that the american flag says. the pledge of allegiance. we have to catch up to those good words. we shouldn't change the flag. we shouldn't change the words. , how are black
8:03 am
counterparts feel -- how our black counterparts feel neglected and targeted. it is kind of like, a wildfire. groups thatinto want to think like we think, we join groups with similar thinking. when we have ideas we can get on the internet. even if you are a white supremacist or any kind of a nut you can get on the internet and find someone that agrees with you. ok -- your views. host: i will have to jump in because we have to move on but when you phoned in a year ago with heather magee, it got a lot of attention. gary joining us from north carolina, thank you for weighing in and we would love to hear from you again in the future. caller: thank you c-span. you are one of the best programs
8:04 am
out there. host: it works because of you and your support. the we come back we turn to issue of presidential leadership and how it has evolved from george washington to donald trump. . washington journal continues on friday morning, the 25th of august, we are back in a moment. ♪ >> sunday night, on cue and day. the lives of winston churchill ,- we talk with thomas ricks the fight for freedom. >> they never met for example. but the hero is named winston. churchill read it twice and loved it. , butl was a real leftist admired churchill across the political chasm and wrote, he
8:05 am
was the only conservative he admired. >> sunday night on cue and day. q&a.n therday on real america, 1947 u.s. war department film, don't be a sucker. about hate filled speech. americanust an average and i am an american american. some of the things i see in this country of ours make my blood boil. i see people with foreign accents making all the money. i see negroes holding jobs that belong to you and me. will we allow this to go on? on sunday at 6 p.m. eastern on american artifacts we tour the presidential vehicles collection at the henry ford museum in dearborn, michigan. then at 8 p.m. eastern on the
8:06 am
presidency, herbert hoover scholar george nash talks about the relationship between the 31st president and calvin coolidge. >> four days before the election, coolidge, ever the party regular finally gave a publicve endorsement. there were sensational newspaper headlines. hoover, he declared, had shown his fitness to be president. coolidge was able, experienced, trustworthy, and save -- safe. >> american history tv on c-span3. >> washington journal continues. host: joining us from austin, suri, out with a titled, the impossible presidency.


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